Pregnancy Relaxation Course

A wonderful weekly class giving you the space and time to connect with other pregnant women, learn some wonderful tools and techniques and of course relax.


We love to provide the space, time and opportunity for pregnant women to relax, learn some great information and meet other pregnant women.

​Join us for this fab 6 week Pregnancy Relaxation Programme

(Pregnancy person only)

What will we do?

​A weekly catch up followed by some wonderful mindful breathing, then a gorgeous relaxation followed by a discussion about one of the following topics:
​Week 1 - Relaxation in Pregnancy

Week 2 - Sleep in Pregnancy

Week 3 - Fear in Pregnancy & Birth

Week 4 - Healthy Choices

Week 5 - Preparing for Birth

Week 6 - Oxytocin for Birth

Contact Lucy for availability, classes and dates