My 5 week old baby had gone from latching well to becoming lazy on the breast, her feeds had gone from average 20 minutes long to only 5 minutes, I contacted Lucy via what’s app to ask for advice, a few videos back and forth and later that day we were back to a great latch and 28 minute feed! It’s hard to schedule in phone calls, appointments with a new baby so the flexibility of using what’s app as a tool for advice was great and suited my needs, for accessible, personalised advice! 


Kingston Upon Thames

Lucy has played a vital role in my breastfeeding journey. 

The first days proved to be very hard and post her visit everything changed overnight. She taught me how to correctly position the baby and make breastfeeding comfortable for both baby and me. Since then it started being pain free and enjoyable! 

Further to this, she always was only a message away for any questions I had and her advice was always backed by recent articles and practise. 

Lucy is very professional, positive and always willing to help. I could not recommend her enough! 


East Molesey 

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your help and support with my breastfeeding journey. If it wasn’t for you responding as soon as you did and being able to come to my home, take the time to sit with me and  provide the advice that you did I would have definitely given up as the anxiety which came with not knowing whether I was feeding my newborn correctly definitely pushed me to breaking point.  

You made me feel safe, you listened and most importantly let me cry in a safe environment. 

From crying everyday and feeling like I couldn’t cope Iv now continued to breast feed with enjoyment and pleasure. There will never be enough words to show my gratitude or thanks!  


East Molesey 

Although I had a caesarean section due to aggravating factors, it was a positive birth experience and I felt the Hypnobirthing kept me calm through the op and to think positively, so thank you so much.

Dee and baby Finlay


We contacted Lucy as our baby was feeding for hours at a time but was struggling to put on weight. Lucy replied quickly and offered to visit us that very same day. She put us at ease with her friendly approach and spent lots of time with us, giving us advice for a better latch and more comfortable feeding positions. Following her visit, Lucy kept in touch, reassuring us that she was on hand should we have any questions. With Lucy's support my confidence with breastfeeding grew and our baby quickly put on weight.



Lucy's baby massage class is amazing! My baby and I thoroughly enjoyed each session and I was genuinely sad when the course came to an end. Lucy is so wonderfully warm and welcoming and she creates an amazing environment for mummy's and baby's to relax and enjoy. I could not recommend this course more!


East Molesey



Lucy's baby massage class was the highlight of my week. I really recommend the class! Thank you Lucy






Kingston Upon Thames



We thoroughly enjoyed our baby massage classes with Lucy. Lucy was really knowledgeable and it was a warm and welcoming environment. Would definitely recommend if you are looking for a class to bond with your baby, learn relaxing massage techniques and meet other mums.





We absolutely loved Lucy’s baby massage course. 5 baby led sessions in a lovely setting, We have continued to use the techniques at home. Highly recommend.